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These views were informed in part by Maria Monk, who wrote the best-selling book of 1835: “Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk: The Hidden Secrets of a Nun’s Life in a Convent Exposed”. All made up.

Also in 1835 Samuel F. B. Morse, he of the Morse code, warned that Catholic kings and Jesuits were sending:

“shiploads of Roman Catholic emigrants, and for the sole purpose of converting us to the religion of Popery.”

Lyman Beecher, whose daughter would later write “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, gave anti-Catholic sermons which led to a wave of church burnings in New England and the Midwest.

In 1844 an anti-Catholic riot in Philadelphia went on for three days, burning down churches and houses, killing 13.

Philadelphia, 1844.

Then in 1845 the Irish Potato Famine hit.

Over a million Irish immigrants fled to the US. Most had no money, no education. Nearly all were Catholic.

The Irish were seen as bringing crime, taking jobs and lowering wages. They were stereotyped as poor, lazy, drunk and violent. Ralph Waldo Emerson did not even think they were Caucasian, seeing them as little better than American Indians, Africans or the Chinese.

Out of all this came the Know-Nothings. In Washington and Baltimore they beat up voters who opposed them. In Cincinnati they tried to lynch a papal envoy. In Louisville a priest reported that election violence led to:

“a reign of terror surpassed only by the Philadelphia riots. Nearly one hundred poor Irish have been butchered or burned and some twenty houses have been consumed in the flames.”


Kopioitu blogista jyllannin suomineito: "Narsistista ei valitettavasti pääse noin vaan eroon, vaikka hänestä fyysisesti eroaisi. Vaikka muuttaisit toiseen maahan. Narsistin ote ja häirintä kun ei katso mitään rajoja. Bloggaamisen aloittaminen oli vaikea paikka itselleni juuri siksi, että nyt narsisti saisi avoimen kanavan elämääni. Mutta asialla ei ollut enää mitään väliä, sillä hän löytää siihen keinot joka tapauksessa. Vuosien aikana kaikkiin sosiaalisen median tileihini ja sähköposteihini on murtauduttu varmaan satoja kertoja. Ja se jatkuu edelleen."


Mihin syyllistyy ihminen, joka tietää jonkun rikollisesti rikkovan toisen yksityisyyden ?

Jos jotkut tekevät tällaista porukassa, ja ihmiset hyväksyvät lastensa ja lastenlastensa teot ja naureskelevat tällaiselle teolle ja jatkavat vuosia, kantamatta vastuuta teostaan eli kärsimättä siitä kuuluvaa rangaistusta? Eivätkä tunne mitään häpeää teostaan rajoittamalla itseään ja sukuaan kaikin mahdollisin tavoin, irrottautumalla yhteisöstä ja menemällä jonnekin missä aloittavat alusta oppien toisen ihmisen rajat ja kunnioitusta


Tahallista järjestäytynyttä "normaaliuteen" piilotettua vainoamista on laajassa mitassa harjoitettu valtion taholta ddr:ssä. Nykyisin se on USA:n juttu, jossa ihmisen käytöksen tutkimus ohjaa lähestulkoon kaikkea, mutta vallan ja rahan vuoksi.


Noise Campaigns
All targets of the Hidden Evil are familiar with noise campaigns.

Basically, targets report experiencing a steady stream of noise consisting of a rotation of various types of disturbances around their homes. This includes door slamming, yelling, car alarms, horns, tires screeching, loud music, engines revving, and frequent construction projects which include an assortment of noise from heavy machinery and tools.

Not surprisingly, in his books Future War and Winning the War, Dr. Alexander described using noise as a weapon.

In Future War he wrote,
"Audible sound, in frequencies from 20 to 20,000 hertz, can be applied to influence behavior, as most people are sensitive to very loud noises."(***)
For instance, if you're targeted, there will be doors slamming for a few moments, several minutes of silence will ensue, then a motorcycle will drive by and rev its engine outside of your house.

After that you'll have someone mowing the lawn. Then there will be alarms going off. After that you'll hear a loud crowd of people walk by your house. Then you may then hear fire or ambulance sirens. Then there will be hammering and sawing sounds from the ongoing construction projects. Then you'll hear car alarms being turned on/off in succession multiple times from multiple vehicles around your house.

There will generally not be a solid five minutes of uninterrupted peace.

Moret spoke of the use of "noise campaigns" which included the frequent use of garbage disposals in surrounding apartments, vehicles with "blaring horns" and the sirens of fire trucks.

She also spoke of habitual door slamming, proclaiming,
"they'll slam doors all day and all night long." "Door slamming," agreed McKinney, "is also a popular pastime, particularly in apartment settings."
Those targeted may experience a "chain reaction" of door slamming by apartments or houses surrounding theirs.

Other types of disturbances include frequent noise from lawn mowers, snow blowers, vehicles with loud exhaust systems, and ambulance sirens, etc. Noisy construction projects will usually be ongoing.
"Blaring horns, sirens, [and] garbage disposal[s]" which are "run concurrently in apartment settings, for excessively prolonged periods of time," are common reports wrote McKinney.
She also noted that targets experience frequent,
"amplified transmissions" of "general racket" which is "used on a recurrent basis under circumstances intended to persuade the individual that he or she is under surveillance."
She added,
"In all of these cases, the individuals' neighbors apparently pretend to be oblivious and/or indifferent to these sudden, continuous explosions of noise."
They're oblivious to the noise because they're complicit in the program.

Also, the people above a targeted individual may loudly pace as they mimic his or her movements from above. For instance, if you're targeted, as you walk into your bathroom, you hear loud stomping from above which follows you into the bathroom.

McKinney affirmed,
"A number of individuals report that occupants of upstairs and downstairs apartments appear to follow them from room to room, tapping on the floor or engaging in other activities which appear intended to advertise an ongoing surveillance."
They'll "pace in their apartment," added Moret, and seemingly to the target underneath them,
"it sounds like they're being tracked... from the apartment above."
If you're targeted, helicopters and small propeller planes may frequently pass over your home.

Some of these aircrafts may be low enough to vibrate the room you're in. According to Cheryl Welsh's March, 2003 article entitled, List of Mind Control Symptoms, the use of helicopters is a common tactic reported by targets. Apparently these overhead assaults are used for sleep disruption and to undermine the morale of targeted people.