Pariisin matka on jo edessä muutaman viikon päästä, joten olen käynyt läpi eri sivustoja jotta löytäisin tekemistä reissulle. Yksi suosikki sivuistoistani on Design Sponge. Sivustolta löytyy esimerkiksi sneek peak-osio, jossa kurkistellaan kotien sisustuksiin, DIY-projekteja ja herkullisia reseptejä. Kaiken muun lisäksi sivustolta löytyy kattava city guide-osio, josta nappasin muutaman käymisenarvoisen paikan Pariisia ajatellen.

One of my favorite sites is called Design Sponge. I have tried to find some new spots from Paris which would be worth to visit during our vacation in Paris. Here is my  findings from Design Sponge.

Despite the tabac being removed to make more room for tourists, this cafe looks nearly identical to how it did when Amelie worked in it (complete with ?toilettes? sign from that oh so memorable bathroom scene). The food is typical of any French brasserie, and believe it or not the prices are not inflated here to compensate for the new found fame (and the location is close, yet far away enough from Montmartre to avoid the main stream of crowds and tourists). The epicerie [vegetable stand] from the film can be found nearby at 56 Rue des Trois Freres, and of course the pathway up to Montmartre was an important scene in the movie too.

A wonderful resource for photography in the city. The ever-changing shows that keep one coming back, and the extensive library, you can?t help but leave this place inspired and ready to break out your camera with a fresh eye. The center?s quaint location tucked in the Marais makes for an easy visit followed by a fresh pastry around the corner.
PA DESIGN: 2 bis, rue Fléchier 75009
The name Pa Design comes from being against the idea that design is only a style ? this object is design, this place is design. The boutique/showroom is open to the public to act as a laboratory of ideas to get reactions from the public (and open to artist who want to share their conceptions). Products from the likes of Tse-Tse and numerous other (and many young) designers.

HOME AUTOUR DU MONDE: 8 rue des francs bourgeois
Boutique for the home with a great selection of young designers. This shop was the first to pick up Anne Hubert?s La Cerise sur Le Gateau line of products.

KILIWATCH: 64 rue Tiquetonne 75002
Great location for quality vintage clothes (prices are a bit high, but the clothes are in good condition too). New fashions as well in stock.

STUDIO HARMONIC: 5 passage Thaillandiers 75011
A professional dance studio located near Bastille, this place made my day every time I went to my tous-niveau (all levels) hip-hop class. Enter and be prepared to be intimidated by the advanced level ballet and modern classes happening in the main studio, but go and test out your skills in a new form of dance in a beginning level class (en francais) and have a true experience! If you ever mess up on a move, just pretend it was because of the language barrier, not because you can?t dance ;)

Enter Marie Antoinette?s dream world full of a rainbow of colorful macaroons. If you can?t decide which one to try, you may as well try them all (they?re small after all) and wash them down with a French herbal tea. The macaroons also make for a beautiful (and delicious) souvenir to bring back home. The tea room has several locations around the city, and each one is a bit unique.
LES FLEURS PETITES: 3 passage de la bonne graine, 75011
A feminine universe full of unique handmade accessories. The boutique has great reputation on the internet (complete with online shop), but be sure to check the address before going in person, as it?s expanding and changing location.

LE PETIT ATELIER DE PARIS: 31, Rue Montmorency 75003
A charming shop tucked in the Marais showcasing beautiful, neutral handmade ceramics that are the perfect touch for any home.

LUKA LUNA: 77 rue de la verrerie, 75004 Paris
Boutique with a beautiful selection of primarily French items ? small series made by hand, accessories for the home, jewelry, paper goods ? all harmonious and perfectly presented.

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8/7 | 

Katsoin juuri Amelien ja Pariisi-kuume on myös minulla kova :) Onneksi pääsen sinne keväällä, täytyy sitten kysellä sinulta vinkkejä :) Nämä kohteet ainakin vaikuttavat aivan ihastuttavilta! maissi

9/7 | 

I know! Mutta mä haluan mennä leikkimään neiti Poulania!

10/7 | 

Laduree, Laduree, Laduree - here we come! (and many many other cafeterias!) - pikku pariisitar B

11/7 | 

Linda: Ole hyvä vain :) Luin myös tostakin, mutta kiitos muistutuksesta :) Kuullostaa niin upealle!Jos on aikaa, niin käy ihmeessä Versaillesissa kun siellä on tällä hetkellä Takashi Murakamin näyttely. Harmittaa kun se loppuu jo 12 päivä, niin jää teokset näkemättä :/ Tässä vielä linkki Cool Huntingin sivuille :)

13/7 | 

Maija: Kiitos vinkistä! Luin myös tosta Angelinasta ja se olisi kiva kyllä kanssa käydä kurkkaamassa. Jos saisin itse päättää, niin kävelisin vaan leipomosta ja kahvilasta toiseen kuvien räpsimisien lomassa :DChiang Maissa oli ranskalainen kahvila, jonka nimi oli Mont Blanc ja siellä napsin leivoksia jo melkein kyllästymiseen asti :)

14/7 | 

Suosittelen ehdottomasti myös kaakaokannullista Angelinassa! Suklaisen juoman kanssa kannattaa nauttia Mont Blanc -leivos. Paikan tunnelma ja sisustus kruunaavat täydellisen kahvilaelämyksen :)Angelinan löytää Louvren läheltä, joten se sopii hyvin museokierroksen päätepysäkiksi.

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